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Parent Committee

About our 2017-2018 ELC Giving Campaign

Dear ELC Families,

For 46 years, Temple Emanuel’s Early Learning Center has been serving the needs of Denver families by providing a safe, loving environment in which young children are free to explore, learn, and grow.  In 1971, Rabbi Steven Foster established the center with a gift of $100 from the Temple Board of Trustees.  That first year, 3 teachers and 12 students met three times a week.  Renamed the Rabbi Steven Foster Early Learning Center at Temple Emanuel earlier this year, the center now offers 50 hours a week of programming and enrolls 260 students ranging in age from 12 months to 5 years old.  The center’s dedicated team of professional educators tend to the unique social, emotional, and developmental needs of each individual child. 

Serving the individual needs of so many children each day comes with a cost, which tuition alone does not cover.  On behalf of the Parent Committee, we ask that you consider contributing to this year’s Direct Giving Campaign. The campaign will run from October 14th through November 17th. The money we raise through this effort will support a variety of programs and facility improvements within the school. 

Our goal is to collect $40,000 through this campaign.  In addition to providing $20,000 in scholarships that make it possible for families who would not otherwise be able to afford tuition, $5,000, will be reserved for ongoing maintenance of the natural scape playground and gardens.  Further, we want to complete last year’s flooring project by installing new floors in the hallways to match the beautiful new flooring in each of the classrooms.  Finally, the Early Learning Center plans to expand its program offerings, with the addition of an infant room that will provide developmentally appropriate care for children as young as six weeks old.  This program addition is in direct response to the desire for more high-quality infant care options expressed by current and potential ELC families.

We know we cannot reach this fundraising goal without you.  If each ELC family gives $200, we will exceed our target.  We recognize that not all families are in a position to give this amount, and we hope that other families may wish to give more.  All we ask is that you each give a gift that is meaningful to you. 

You can find additional details about how to give and the great tax benefits of donating to Foster ELC below.  If you have any questions, please contact the ELC Director, Susan, at wartchow@emanueldenver.org.

Thank you for supporting our school.


Kelly McLeod                           Karen Niebrugge                   Susan Wartchow
Co-President                            Co-President                       Director

Powerful Incentive to Support the Foster Early Learning Center

How would you like to keep almost 70 cents of each dollar donated? Or donate three times more than you ever thought you could? When you give to the Foster Early Learning Center, you can!

The Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit provides a 50% state income tax credit for gifts to the Foster Early Learning Center. And this state tax benefit comes on top of the federal income tax deduction claimed when you itemize your deductions. Together, these two tax benefits are quite powerful. Check out this example:

Gift to the Foster Early Learning Center- $1,000
Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit (50%)  -  ($500)
Colorado State Income Tax Deduction*  -  ($46)
Federal Income Tax Deduction**  -  ($127)
After-Tax Cost-  $327

 * For illustrative purposes only. Individual income tax rates currently range from 10% to 39.6% for federal taxes and are 4.63% for Colorado taxes.
** The Federal income tax deduction is lowered based on add-back effect of reduced state tax: ($1,000 - $546) x 28% = $127

[Source of Calculation: http://www.bgcmd.org/colorado-child-care-contribution-credit]

With this tax credit in place, a donor to the Foster Early Learning Center will keep almost 70 cents for every dollar donated. And for some, they will be able to donate even more than they imagined.

Qualifying for the Credit:

To qualify, please know that all donations must be made in cash; gifts of appreciated assets do not qualify. Also, only the deductible amount of your gift will qualify, any value received in exchange does not. The maximum tax credit per year is $100,000 or your actual Colorado income tax liability, whichever is less, and any unused credit may also be carried forward for five additional years. Please consult with your tax advisor for further information. After you've made your gift to the Foster Early Learning Center, Temple Emanuel can provide you with a certificate that you can include with your tax return for substantiation.

Gifts to the Foster Early Learning Center are an investment in each child’s creation of a meaningful Jewish life. And with the tax credit, your gift can go a LOT farther than you may have realized. the Foster Early Learning Center exemplifies Jewish values and traditions, promoting the unique capabilities of each individual. Our children build relationships, develop Jewish identify, cultivate self-esteem and develop a life-long love for learning and inquiry.

About the Parent Committee

We have an active Parent Committee for the Early Learning Center that meets monthly. Co-Presidents Karen Niebrugge and Kelly McLeod would love to welcome you to join the group. All parents and guardians are welcome. Please contact Karen or Kelly for more information.

The Committee supports the ELC in the following ways:

  • We provide feedback to Susan regarding ELC policies and programs.  
  • We lead fundraising efforts for the ELC.  Last year our direct giving campaign raised nearly $34,000 for scholarships, garden/playground maintenance, and the new classroom floors.  We also coordinate restaurant nights, collect box tops, and have a book fair to support our fundraising efforts.
  • We coordinate social/community building activities for ELC families.   Be on the lookout for classroom meetups, age-based activities, neighborhood get-togethers, and new family welcome events throughout the year.
  • We support classroom learning by encouraging parent participation in classroom activities and coordinating special experiences. (Truck Day, anyone?)
  • We support ELC teachers and staff by planning appreciation events throughout the year.  Foster ELC has the best teachers and we want them to know how much we appreciate all they do for our kiddos!

There are numerous ways to get involved.  Please visit the following link to view open opportunities and to sign up to be a Room Parent for your child’s classroom.

2017-18 Room Parents & Volunteers

P.S. Do you know of a business that may want to support the ELC via a one-time event or corporate sponsorship?  Let us know!  Email Karen or Kelly