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Financial Aid

How it works:

Temple Emanuel and Jewish Colorado have some funds available for tuition assistance. You must reapply for assistance each year. The Denver Preschool Program also provides assistance for families in qualified preschool programs whose children are in their last year of preschool before kindergarten. No matter your financial need, all families will qualify for some assistance with DPP. If you receive tuition assistance from Temple Emanuel, Jewish Colorado or the Denver Preschool Program, it will be received as a credit on your monthly tuition through your Smart Tuition account (our billing service) on a monthly basis. Scholarships are granted on an 11 month basis, however if you withdraw prior to the end of the 11 months, the remaining scholarship funds will be forfeited. 

Apply for assistance from Temple Emanuel & Jewish Colorado

If you are interested in applying for tuition assistance, please complete an application with F.A.C.T.S. by April 11. If you have already begun or completed your application with F.A.C.T.S., please make sure that your application status with F.A.C.T.S. is “verified.”  We are only able to consider “verified” applications. After April 11, we will use F.A.C.T.S.’s assessment to allot our financial aid to our families based upon demonstrated need. Once we make our determinations, Jewish Colorado will award some financial aid based upon demonstrated community need and their available resources. We will then send out letters to families notifying them of their financial aid in June. 

In your F.A.C.T.S. application, once you are registered to attend the Rabbi Steven Foster Early Learning Center, you must designate us as your school of choice. You can fill out one application for multiple schools, but in order to receive aid, you must designate one school as your final school of choice. We cannot consider an application if we are not selected as the school of choice by April 11. Only families that are officially registered with us are eligible for consideration of aid.

Denver Preschool Program 

We are Denver Preschool Program partner. You can learn more about our rating with DPP here. Enroll today to receive tuition assistance if your child is registered for our pre-K program. All families can receive some amount of tuitoin credit from DPP, regardless of income level. Even if your family does not need tuition assistance, you can apply for the program and gift the credit to the school. The Denver Preschool Program encourages all families of children eligible for the program to apply. ENROLL TODAY to start receiving your DPP tuition credit.